Saturday, November 25, 2006


We spent this Thanksgiving at the farm for the first time in my life. Thanksgiving has always taken place at my parents' house for me, but this year things are a bit different. Our time was short due to an early basketball practice Saturday morning, but the time was still good. As I get older, it's more and more difficult to get the family I'm used to at the farm (Mom, Dad, Alli, Bobi, Dodi, Uncle Mark, Aunt Noreen, Jen, Kathleen, and now Sara and Jonathan) together, but we managed it this time. Apart from the absence of my sister (who was running around China somewhere), it was truly a time to be thankful for.Every family has their own particular twist on Thanksgiving dinner, and one of ours is chicken soup and lemon fluff. The soup is completely homemade from the noodles to the broth. As a kid, my mom remembers stuffing herself so much with soup and fluff that she hardly had any room for turkey and dressing, and this year was no exception.

We went on a a couple deer tracking excursions and my mom and I got lucky once. This isn't the greatest picture, but here are the deer we chased off running across the red Oklahoma earth.

Phoning the house to make sure the oven is on....

Yum!! Stuffing and sweet potatoes!

My cousin's daughter Sara brought her chalk kit and we decorated the wash house porch.

Dodi's overalls and coats, which have hung in this closet for as long as I can remember and probably as long as the house has been standing.

Check out the city slicker feeding his first cow (the bull no less!!)

Bobi and Sara showing off the huge squash mom got from a food bank in Lubbock

My dad and Jonathan have made golf a farm sport.

Chicken coop window.

Mom and Bobi making sure none of the lemon fluff goes to waste...

Blanche's Lassi shot.

Men at work.

Sunset on the drive home.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Amy, we've been having internet problems (the kind that won't let me email pictures) and we're leaving for Oklahoma today, so here are a few I took so that you can at least see them! Buon Thanksgiving a bella Roma!!! Baci!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bye, Bye Birdie Part II

I finally got the rest of the photos up that I wanted to. I still have a LOT more, so if you're interested, they will be on the photoreflect account in about a week or two.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Bye, Bye Birdie

OK, blogger is killing me today. I have been trying for hours to post photos and these are the only ones I can get, so I'll have to try again later. I've been helping out with the school musical at Crandall for the past month or two and this past weekend the show went up. Crandall has never done a musical before, so this was a really big deal and it was absolutely fabulous! The kids worked so hard and did such a good job!