Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Gianna - 3 Months

Gianna is 3 Months already!  Babies change so much during those first few months of life - and Gianna is no exception.  I'm not sure I would have recognized her if I had just seen her out and about somewhere.  She is so alert and aware now - and was in such a good mood the whole time I was there with such a sweet smile.  She also had not only Mom, Dad, brother, and sister there to take pictures with her, but grandparents, aunt, and cousin too.  What a lucky gal!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Neris

This is a brave family.  You would never know it from looking at these pictures but it was COLD during their session - maybe 40 degrees and feeling like 30 - with wind.  Although it wasn't ideal conditions for doing a photo session, especially with kids, it actually went really well.  There was a lot of jumping up and down, running around, and laughing which helped warm everyone up and made for some great photo ops.

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Friday, January 08, 2016

Matthew and Monica

I brought in 2016 in a great way - watching Matthew and Monica get married.  I've photographed some Aggie weddings before but never one in College Station.  It was a beautiful service with a so many family and friends, and everyone fully participating in the Mass.  You could really feel the love surrounding them!

 This tree below is a famous one in College Station.  It's called the Century Tree and the saying goes that if you walk under it alone, you'll always be alone, but if you walk under it with someone, you'll always be together.  This was the first time Matthew and Monica have ever walked under the tree.

Here are a couple of familiar faces...