Monday, October 29, 2012

Sara & Will

If I could describe this woman with one word, I would probably say she's tenacious. Sara called me on a Tuesday, we scheduled a shoot for that Thursday, and the morning leading up to our session, she and her son Will woke up at 5am, flew halfway across the country, dealing with delays and re-routings all the way, and still managed to be ready (and happy!) to take photos with me without a break in between. I have to say I was very impressed. Will was also such a trooper. Just look at this great smile!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Justin & Abby - The Wedding

It is always an honor to be asked by friends to photograph their wedding. I've had quite a few people say to me over the years "That probably makes it so much easier when you know the couple - less pressure." I always want to do my best and give couples pictures from their wedding day that they will LOVE and treasure for their lives, but I actually almost feel more pressure to do a good job when I do know the couple personally. After all, I think the more you know about someone, the more there is to photograph because you know what is meaningful and important to them, and what their personality looks like. I always want to make sure I capture all of that to create a complete story from the day and there is just so much I feel like I need to capture!. All that being said... Meet Abby and Justin. They are friends of ours for several years. Well, actually Abby has been a friend for awhile. When she and Justin first started dating, he had the unlucky task of having to hang out with all of Abby's friends without any of his around, probably knowing that we were all sizing him up - deciding if he was good enough for Abby. Of course, anyone who knows Justin will know that he is definitely good enough and more - these two are just such wonderful people, so down-to-earth and hardworking and really able to do just about anything they put their minds to and to do those things well. The wedding was beautiful and the reception was all around a first for me. Justin is a pilot (not by profession, but, you know, for fun - remember what I said about the whole "doing anything they set their minds to thing?") and they were able to use the 1940s Air Museum at Houston Hobby airport for their festivities. They even had a plane parked outside just for them! Anyway, I digress. You're probably here to see pictures, right? Well, here they are...
Can you believe this girl does not like getting her picture taken? I cannot understand why.
One more thing that was a first for me, both as a wedding photographer and personally....did I mention they left the reception in a helicopter? And I got to go with them? They did, and I did, and it was awesome.
Thanks Justin and Abby for an unforgettable and beautiful experience. I hope you all enjoy your pictures!