Wednesday, March 31, 2010


James is my last post from a very busy weekend - whew! James is also a senior this year and one of Jesuit's graduating varsity basketball starters (he is killer from outside the 3 point line). We actually did his shoot in two session - a big one on Sunday and a smaller one today so that we could take some photographs of him in an empty gym. I got my workout climbing up on things to get up to his height. He is tall! Here are some of my favorites...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Jackson and I are related somehow...I don't know exactly what you would call him in relation to me, but he is the youngest brother of my sister-in-law Calah. He is also graduating this year (there are a bunch of soon-to-be empty nesters around!) and we had a session the other day squeezed into one of his off periods from school. I don't think I've ever shot a session so fast, but I think we got some good stuff...


This weekend I photographed another subject who's been on the blog before....not Holly but her dog Lucky. I photographed Lucky a couple years ago with Holly's brother Nolen and now that Holly is a senior, he came along with her for another shoot. It's been about that long (two years) since I've seen Holly and has she done some growing up since then! What a beautiful woman she is turning out to be and check out her eyes! Great to photograph. We had some fun running around downtown Dallas trying not to get blown away by the wind.

love the boots

Friday, March 26, 2010


I had the good fortune to photograph Cole today. Followers of the blog will remember seeing him a couple times in the past on here, and probably know him as "the kid who jumps on haystacks." Cole is now a high school graduate, so we did some post-high school senior pics for him.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Brandon & Molly

Molly and Brandon are getting married in July and yesterday, we met for their engagement session. It was a gorgeous day for shooting and what a sweet couple. I can't wait to shoot their wedding and to see her in a bridal gown!