Friday, February 27, 2009

February in Texas

What can I say about Texas weather? Yesterday I got a sunburn in a tank top and today I needed a sweater.

Yesterday (this wasn't even as hot as it eventually got)

and today at roughly the same time...

Friday, February 20, 2009

This past Tuesday was Jesuit's last home game, the last regular season game, and Senior Night. They beat Plano Senior HIgh in a very close and exciting game and start playoffs next week. I am in mega-editing mode but I wanted to post at least one photo of the seniors, so here it is.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

William's 1st Haircut

I finally gave in today and gave William his first haircut. I've been avoiding it because I love his curls, but today was the day. Here are a few before and after shots. (I've also been studying a lot of photos for upcoming shoots, especially Brad Pitt's photos of Angelina Jolie (which if you haven't seen, you should - most of them can be viewed here), so some of that influence is coming out here I think/hope.)


and after....

Monday, February 02, 2009

Che Bello Bimbo!!! ( Vito would say...)

So I've also been getting a lot of flack for not having posted any William photos lately. We had a mini-photo session today while he was playing basketball and playing with Tino. William and Tino are probably what you would call best friends. Tino is the sweetest, most patient dog with William and William thinks it's great fun to throw Tino's toys around and lay all over him...


This past Saturday I shot Denise's surprise birthday party thrown by her husband Greg. It was at Joe T Garcia's in Fort Worth and was quite a fete. Here are a few shots from the evening.

Here is Denise coming in and getting surprised by a room full of her family and friends.

This little guy and I had a pretty long conversation during dinner. What a cutie!

The lady you see on the left is Melissa. She was in charge of planning this bash and did a wonderful job. On the right is Thuy, a friend from college and fellow Collegium member.

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Not seeing 20/20 here?

Just as a little FYI, I have had more than a few people mention to me that the blog photos have been looking very pixilated lately. I am not exactly sure why that's started happening, but I'm trying to fix the problem. If you click on the photos, they usually will enlarge normally.

Hitachi Party

I'm still trying to get caught up from the holidays and today I'm trying to get caught up on my blogging.

Last weekend I photographed the Hitachi Company's Holiday Party at the Starlight Room in the West End. My friend Candelario was in charge of the planning, and I would say it was a great success. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun and they definitely pulled out the stops for this one. They had salsa dancing, great food and drinks, and craps and blackjack tables. My friend Toni came along as my assistant and I think she had as much fun as the guests.

Ultimate red carpet paparazzi shot....