Saturday, November 21, 2015

Dan, Thuy, and Buster

So this has never happened before - I had one of my best dressed and worst dressed couples all in the same session.  Thuy, Dan, and Buster went with the glitz and glamour for their first outfits....and ugly Christmas sweaters for their second.  So much fun!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Liliana & Louis

I know that taking family portraits can be a stressful event for parents.  Quality photography is an investment, and once the date is set, then you fret over the weather and what everyone is going to wear.  I think parents with small children almost always come away from our portrait sessions thinking "Did we get anything good at all!?!?". The reason I mention this now is because I have been sitting here giggling for the past couple hours as I work on this beautiful family's portraits, specifically because about half of the pictures that I have of little Louis, he is running madly out of the frame with an ecstatic look of joy on his face.  I should just do a mash-up of all the exultation.  While I know that his rapturous running was probably a little stressful for Mom and Dad, it was absolutely adorable and I love how these all turned out.  Here they are all, including twins Liliana and Louis....
 Such pretty blue eyes!
 Smile after smile from these two.

 I know this isn't the "perfect portrait" but I love the looks on Mom and Dad's faces here.

Stunning couple!

 Off to the races.

Zoe and Peyton

I photographed these beautiful little girls and their family this past weekend.  So sweet!

Ross & Elizabeth - The Wedding

 As usual, I found it so difficult to narrow down the images I wanted to share in this blog - there was so much that was special and lovely!  Alas, I can't share it all, but here is what I have.  Ross and Elizabeth were married a couple weeks ago in a beautiful ceremony at St Thomas Aquinas in Dallas.  The couples I have seen married are always excited, but I've never seen anyone as excited as Elizabeth.  I can't imagine how loved Ross must feel knowing that his bride literally couldn't hold still she was so excited to marry him.

We saw this face a lot during the day...

 Ross and Elizabeth didn't see each other beforehand, but they exchanged gifts/letters around a door before the ceremony.