Thursday, August 21, 2008

Amici di Roma

We've had a week of visitors. Our friend Shane has been living in Rome playing professional basketball for the past few years. He was there while we lived there and we used to hang out a lot and go to his games and such. He has been in the States the past couple weeks visiting friends and family so we were able to see him for a few hours. He and Jonathan had a great time with William in the pool. Our friend Will also stopped by as he, Jonathan, and Shane all played ball in college together.

Tuesday Jonathan's sister Amy and her Italian boyfriend Vito flew in from Rome. They are here for two weeks, so I've been trying to practice my Italian as much as possible while Vito is here! They brought us lots of goodies including tanto vino and coffee. Yum!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I finally gave in and created a Facebook profile. So if you're on Facebook, look me up! I'm also going to try to get some of my Collegium video posted if I can ever figure out how to do that....


This past weekend I went with Collegium Cantorum to California to sing for a wedding. The wedding was in Fresno, but after that we drove up to Napa and spent a few days in wine country. I had never been there before and have always said I would never live in California....but I could definitely live in California wine country. It was beautiful. It's amazing that that is what some people wake up with and go to bed with every day. Unfortunately (or fortunately, I guess however you want to look at it) I don't have many pictures of people. I seemed to end up with a lot of artsy fartsy shots, so if you're from Collegium and looking for a picture of you, chances are you won't find one. Sorry. I'll do better in Roma!!

This photo I have to explain. This poor girl happened to be standing next to some of our choir members before our first flight and they thought she looked like me. They talked about it so much that she heard them and moved to another waiting area. I finally went over to her and explained what they were talking about and asked if we could take a photo, so thanks Madison, hope you weren't too freaked out!!

The church where the wedding took place....

These were the street signs outside one of our hotels. I just thought they were funny....

My friend Mel. She and I were suitemates in college and went to Rome together. She drove up to hear Collegium sing and we spent the afternoon together.

At the Hess winery...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Leavin' for LV

Christopher, Calah, and Sienna are moving West and wanted to take some family pics before they left. They're also expecting their second child in December, so we had a mini maternity session as well...