Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jesuit JV Gold v Highland Park

Today Jesuit JV Gold won their annual Christmas Tournament in a really close game against Highland Park. I wasn't planning on photographing the game at all but Jonathan asked me to bring my camera for a shot of the team, and when his parents arrived and agreed to keep an eye on William, I decided to grab some shots from the floor. It was fun to do that again - it's been awhile!

If you'd like to check out more shots of the game, you can find them here.

Thanks Yaya and Papou!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Deitchman Family

This past Monday I had the pleasure of photographing this wonderful family who is in the process of moving cross-country with three kids (yikes!) I actually went to college with Catherine and Steven, and they wanted to shoot their session at our alma mater, University of Dallas. It was a cold morning, but the kids (ages 4, 2, and 7 weeks) were in good moods and did a really good job.

We got a little treat at the end of our session with this little guy. We spotted him in a tree about six feet away from where we were standing and he sat there the whole time while we all gawked, I took pictures, and the boys hooted at him.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mari's Marathon

My good friend Maribel finished her first Marathon this past Sunday. Here she is just after 22 miles.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Will, Delilah, and Siena at the Fair

OK, I know the fair has come and gone....well, this post is a little late. I did this family session a couple months ago right before my computer crashed (again) and I'm just now getting it up. This was the first session I've done at the fair and it was actually quite a lot of fun. (Corn dogs and funnel cake never hurt!) Will, Delilah, and Siena have graced the blog a few times in the past and Siena is really growing up and getting more and more beautiful.

Will does NOT like roller coasters and boarded this one thinking it was going to slowly piddle around the track....was he wrong! It was pretty entertaining for everyone watching. I'm sure he's cursing someone's name in this photo.

Delilah is a photographer herself and consequently, she doesn't have many photos of herself so I tried to get some of her. She's pretty photogenic too even though she swears she's not....

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pictures of Then @ UD

This past summer, my friends Toni, Maribel (both of whom you've probably seen on the blog before) and I met the band Pictures of Then in Nebraska. We didn't get to hear them play in concert, but we did have a lot of fun jamming out with them, and they agreed to let us know when they'd play a show in Dallas.
This past Monday, they played a small last-minute gig at our alma mater, University of Dallas and we went. It was a great acoustic show and it was cool for us to see them perform live. These are some of the photos I took that night. I highly recommend you look them up on itunes and download some of their music! I especially like 7th Street and Nowhere Is Somewhere.