Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Meagan and Johnathan's Maternity Photos

This is Meagan and Johnathan. They are having a baby boy in six weeks! I actually met them through my friend Mandi and we really clicked at our photo session Tuesday night. She and Johnathan were fun to hang out and shoot pictures with, and that always makes a session more enjoyable. They are going to be great parents!

Meagan is a first grade teacher, and this is her favorite children's book, already waiting for their child.

Taking this picture was kind of funny because their dog Teddy kept trying to run all over them. Laying on the floor means play time!!

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Anonymous said...

hey, this is devin! from school! these pictures are awesome! i just looked at everyone you had and i think they rock! you're a remarkable photographer! well i will see you on monday :P