Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Shelby Catherine

Some of you know Mandi and Joe or may have seen their maternity photos earlier in the blog. Well, they had their baby on June 23rd. They, like us, were waiting to find out the sex until it was born and it turned out to be a beautiful baby girl. These pictures were taken about a week after birth at their apartment. Shelby was very cooperative and very adorable. We even got her to open her eyes for a few shots!!

Here are three generations, Shelby, Mandi, and Mandi's mom Mimi. I have known Mimi since the fourth grade and she is a wonderful person - those of you who know her can attest to that. It is very hard to believe she has the title "Grandma" even though this isn't the first grandchild.

One proud papa...


Anonymous said...

Love the photos of little Shelby (and mom and dad)! ;) You are so talented!! Jenny(Shelby's aunt)

PoochieFuksa said...

cute cute cute! I hope your doing alright miss Em

Anonymous said...

You amaze me! You have such a gift and talent. I think you have a wonderful career ahead of you. I love how you capture special moments and experssions. Love you.