Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Amy and Vito

OK, this blog is WAY overdue, but here it is....some of you know that Jonathan and I lived in Rome for awhile with his sister Amy. When we came back to the States, Amy stayed, and in August, she came for a visit with her Italian boyfriend Vito. We had a lot of fun hanging out with the two of them and practicing our Italian. As this was Vito's first time in the States, we wanted to give him a "real" Texas experience. We took him to the stockyards, Red River, Schmitz, out for bar-b-q, and of course, Central Market....ok, that's not very Texan, but we took him there anyway. Here are the few photos I took before they made me stop. (apparentely you can't take pictures there!)

Schmitz. If you like good fried cookin' and cold brew, this is the place to go.

William and Vito had a lot of fun together...

Here is a little sampling of one of the dinners Vito cooked for us. Yum!!

You think he'd make it through customs?

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Kevin Heller said...

yeah, I've found out that supermarkets don't like people taking pix inside. I got busted in...what was that supermarket nearest UD? For taking a photo of the banana juice.
I like the detail on the basil, btw.