Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Rock...and I'm not talking about Dwayne Johnson

Today I ran the 39th annual White Rock Half Marathon. I have been training for months and have really been looking forward to this. The last time I ran it, there were some runners who had their names on their shirts, and as we ran, some of the spectators would cheer for them by name. So I thought that this year I would make my own shirt. Last night Jonathan and I had a birthday party and a Christmas party to attend, so I though I would bring the shirt along and let some of my friends help decorate it, and well, here is the result. I'm really glad I did it. Even if they weren't with me in body, it felt like they were with me in spirit and that was pretty cool. Thanks to everyone who showed up to support. It really helps having people there cheering you on!!

Our friend Jon Bird is a really good artist and he drew me this wing. I think it helped me go faster.

Just thought I'd throw in my shoes. We've been through a lot together.


kristinbednarz said...

Whoo HOO! Way to go Miss EM! I'm so proud of you! AWESOME! Wait...where's the jpgs to prove you crossed the finish line? Hello! I want a running picture!

emily alexander said...

Ha! Well, I unfortunately have to rely on the race people for photos and they aren't up yet. I'll post one once I get it though!