Thursday, August 06, 2009

Evangeline's 1st Birthday (WARNING: Picture Overload!!)

My niece and goddaughter Evangeline turned 1 last week and her parents had a party for her on Sunday. The theme was ducks (she LOVES ducks), and with just a little bit of a hitch involving melting icing, Vic managed to create the 3D duck cake below.

Babies, babies, everywhere!

Vic and Thomas also did what we did with William and waited until Evangeline's 1st birthday to let her have her first taste of cake. As you can see, she wasn't too sure at first...

...but she quickly decided it was good....

Her audience....


My daredevil son. You really have to watch him. He just walks into the pool. It's a little scary.

He also likes to give hugs.

There was an intense ping pong tournament going on most of the afternoon.


Playing with new toys.

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