Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lans & Melissa - The Wedding

Lans and Melissa got married Friday! I love shooting weddings but I have to say that this one was especially special to me. I used to work with the mother-of-the bride, Yvonne, and I've photographed her two boys Jack and Cole multiple times over the past few years. It was really great to finally get to meet Melissa and have the honor of photographing her wedding.

What a day! It was H.O.T. and we were doing pre-ceremony shots inside with no air conditioning - yikes! Everyone in the wedding party was a real trooper and put up with all the photos without a single complaint. Delilah was working with me again and she had the guys for the day. Girls - you did an absolutely fabulous job, but I have to brag a little on the guys. Guys hardly ever want to take photos, much less dress up in tuxes and take photos in 100 degree heat, but these guys not only did that, they were hamming it up for the camera the whole time, and when they thought they'd finished, and I dragged them back out to do one more round, they were very gracious about the whole thing, so thanks guys! You don't know how much we appreciate that!

Recognize Molly, the bride from two weeks ago? She was maid of honor for Melissa!

The ceremony site was rad. It reminded me of the Roman forum.

Lans was in the corps at A&M and when they played the Aggie war cry, he and his buddies got out on the floor and did their thing. I love my alma mater, University of Dallas, but Delilah and I agreed that stuff like that is something we would have liked to have had in college.


James S. Huggins said...

I got notice of your blog because you mentioned the University of Dallas which I also attended many many many years ago, graduating in 1975.

I love your photographs. Very impressive to me. Nicely done.

James S. Huggins


leah said...

Beautiful photography! I wish I could have been there to see my cousin married but your pics help. They both look so happy.