Thursday, June 16, 2011


Now I know that as a professional photographer, I should pretty much try to show some of my best images on this blog. Unfortunately, you're getting a little less that stellar images in this post, but I just had to share them. We went to the MAVS championship parade this morning here in Dallas, and I took all of these photos with my camera lifted high in the air above my head trying to shoot over the people in front of me and still get some action (I also managed to get lots of trees). Even though they aren't the best, I am still super excited about them, so here they are...

Marion and JJ. You would have thought the guy next to JJ was on the team too the way he acted - he was EXCITED to be there!

The Jasons. Terry was so funny - he was just smiling away and filming the crowd on his iphone the whole time. It was pretty cool that he seemed as excited to see all of us as we were to see him.


Our motley (and tired!) crew.

Tired kiddos on the train.

Can you see him? Let me tell you, it was interesting on that train with two kids and the double stroller. It was PACKED! I think we missed 3 trains both coming and going because they were so full. Luckily on the way back, we at least got to sit down.

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