Thursday, November 19, 2015

Liliana & Louis

I know that taking family portraits can be a stressful event for parents.  Quality photography is an investment, and once the date is set, then you fret over the weather and what everyone is going to wear.  I think parents with small children almost always come away from our portrait sessions thinking "Did we get anything good at all!?!?". The reason I mention this now is because I have been sitting here giggling for the past couple hours as I work on this beautiful family's portraits, specifically because about half of the pictures that I have of little Louis, he is running madly out of the frame with an ecstatic look of joy on his face.  I should just do a mash-up of all the exultation.  While I know that his rapturous running was probably a little stressful for Mom and Dad, it was absolutely adorable and I love how these all turned out.  Here they are all, including twins Liliana and Louis....
 Such pretty blue eyes!
 Smile after smile from these two.

 I know this isn't the "perfect portrait" but I love the looks on Mom and Dad's faces here.

Stunning couple!

 Off to the races.

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