Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pregnancy Update

OK, so here are the maternity picture I've been promising some of you (Amy, Heather), and for our friends and family who we haven't seen in awhile, you can see my enormous belly button. (If you're wondering about the sudden flurry of blogging, I have been put on bed rest, so I have had a lot of time to work on pictures the past couple days.) These were taken this week (week 39), so they are pretty much as big as I'm going to get. It's funny because I have posted a few maternity photo sessions and they all had women with their bare bellies, but I tell you, I agonized over putting pictures of myself with my bare belly showing up for some reason. I finally just decided to do it as I've done it to the other women, although I must say, it's a lot harder when it's yourself!! My due date is this coming Monday (October 8th) so please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We are very nervous and excited!!


kristinbednarz said...

Oh, my gosh! You two are so HOT and Sexy I almost want to get pregnant!


I'm "in town" November sometime, and I'm so coming to see you. Either Sunday or Friday.'s a wedding!

I'll be praying for you!

Heather Wright said...

OMG! You are beautiful! I love the ones of you lying down... Jonathan doesn't look half bad with you either :) You guys are a gorgeous couple... keeping y'all in my thoughts and prayers!

Eunice Guzman said...

OMG... you grew since the last the last time I saw you and I must admit you look gorgeous!! =]

Miss you, especially our talks.. :o)

Anonymous said...

Em--sei GRANDE!!! Ma sei ancora bellissima...certo!! Adoro tutte le foto!!!! J--c'e qualcosa sulla tua faccia!! Che cosa e'? No, veramente...siete belli! Sbrigati!!!

PoochieFuksa said...

Even 9 months pregnant you still manage to be absolutely gorgeous! Thinking about you every minute. xx alli

Anonymous said...

Yup, you look pregnant - but not swollen. You both look good. Won't be long now.
Love Mom

PS The tripod did a good job!

Anonymous said...

Kayla Fisher

Hey Emily I love love love your prego pics they are so classic and gorgeous. Love them. Congrats on the baby boy.