Wednesday, March 02, 2011

New Logo

Some of you may have noticed I've had a new logo on my photos the past few weeks;

Even though it is so very simple, it actually is the result of weeks of work and correspondence with my awesome graphic designer (and client!), Shari Van Vranken of Em-press Design. I have to brag on her a bit here because this is the first time I've ever hired anyone to design anything for me and she made the experience a great one. She listened to all my vague ramblings about what I wanted and the sort of "feeling" I wanted to evoke, and gave me pages and pages of examples. This E was actually in one of the first designs she gave me, and I just kept coming back to it. After some tweaking, I think we got it perfect. What do you think?


Calah said...

I love it, Em. It's very you. I think it captures both your style and your personality. Good work!

Anonymous said...

the logo is sensational as are you as a photographer, mother, wife, friend, and individual.

Anonymous said...

Think I have told you in person, but I really like the new logo. Calah said it perfectly--it is very you! Stylish without being in your face, artistic, free (as opposed to boxy and formal), and still understated. Great choice!


Anonymous said...

Emily! I'm so late in seeing this but thank you... I'm humbled by your comments. The blog looks gorgeous and I'm so happy to have been a part of your transformation. You are an incredibly talented young woman and I loved working with you, too (as a client and a customer!!).