Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Aly was my 2nd senior yesterday and also someone I've known for awhile - I photographed her mom and step-dad's wedding a couple years ago. She has grown up so much, too. And what beautiful green eyes! I always wanted green eyes when I was growing up.

Apparently, Aly doesn't wear dresses much, but look at her rockin' this one!

This last photo is an especially special one that I'd like to give a little background on. Aly got pregnant a couple years ago, which of course is a less than ideal situation to be in when you're in high school. As a serious athlete, a pregnancy also meant having to miss out on almost an entire year of basketball, which is something that has been very important in Aly's life. In spite of the difficulties and sacrifices it would bring, Aly made the courageous (and I'm sure very difficult) decision to have the baby and to place her for adoption. This photo that Aly is holding below is of her biological daughter, Alex, soon after she was born. Although Aly isn't raising Alex, she and her family have a good relationship with the adoptive family and are able to keep up with how Alex is doing and growing. It has been a very positive experience for everyone involved and I thought it was a story worth sharing.


-dweej said...

Oh my goodness...this story made me cry a little. So sweet!

kristinbednarz said...

I love this, Emily. And I'm so glad you shared her story. BRAVO, Aly for your choice you made and congratulations on your Graduation!!!

emily alexander said...

Yeah, I'm so glad she agreed to let me tell her story. Stories like that need to be told!