Friday, July 29, 2011

Hot Times At The Farm

I just got back from a visit with the boys and my mom to my grandparents' farm. I've posted photos of the farm before but this trip was really memorable for me because of the boys. Running around on the farm with my sister and cousins are some of my fondest memories as a kid growing up and I think it's really sad that most kids these days don't get the opportunity to have the experiences we did. We would spend hours upon hours outside exploring the fields and the farm buildings. We always looked forward to going to the farm so much!

Now, my oldest is now old enough to start to appreciate the freedom and the possibilities the farm presents. He and I did some exploring together and he seems to thoroughly enjoy himself there. For my youngest, this trip is the first one that he is able to walk and spend any real amount of time outside. He really seemed to like the fact that he could walk off wherever he wanted without someone constantly pulling him back or turning him around. Free reign is the best when you're a kid! It was hotter there than it is here, but we still went out every morning to do a little exploring and to look for the cattle.

Yes, I know, his pants are too small! I just grabbed a pair out of his drawer as we were packing and didn't realize until we arrived that he had almost grown out of them!

The farm is a great place to find animal tracks. Here are some deer tracks that we found.

Playing peek-a-boo with Great Grandpa. The two of them really hit it off this trip.

Great grandparents and great grandkids.

Learning how the windmill works.

Off to do some work with Great Grandpa. He was so proud of himself!

My 92-year-old grandpa who still works the farm by himself.

First up-close look at the cows (that he remembers that is).

You don't see stars like this in the city.


Delilah said...

Love the starry sky! That is amazing!

Heather W. said...

First- your boys are so adorable- Louie is precious and getting so big! Second- these are AMAZING shots. I think some of your best images are among ones from the farm. Your love for it and your history there really comes through in the shots. I get a sense of the place and your family just from the few images. Third-the starry sky images are freakin' GORGEOUS!

Julie Richey said...

Wonderful collection of images, Emily. Any one of them could be in a major art collection. I especially love the images of your son and his great grandfather. Precious moments, all. Congrats on your new blog!

Suzanne said...

What a wonderful eye you have! Of course it doesn't hurt to have amazing people and places to work with...

And I love the shooting stars--don't think I have seen one since we left NH.

emily alexander said...

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your comments. Julie - if you ever want to do a trade, let me know! I'd love some mosaics in our home!