Thursday, January 10, 2008

Merry (late) Christmas!!

OK, I know it's already January, but I have been so busy i haven't been able to get my Christmas post up. So here it is. This is our little Christmas Convict as Jonathan likes to call him. We actually had four Christmases this year. The first was just the three of us on Christmas Eve. We were hoping William would stay up with us, but he didn't get to see any presents. Shortly after these photos were taken, he was out. The next day we went to Irving to have Christmas with jonathan's family. Then my parents and my sister came and we had Christmas with them. My sister has been living in Japan for the past three years teaching English, and this was the first time she met William. Jonathan's sister Amy is still living in Rome, and it was the first time she met William as well, so it was cool that he met two of his aunts for the first time Finally, William and I went with my family to Oklahoma to have Christmas with my grandparents. Whew! I'm tired just thinking about all that! It was fun, but definitely busy.

I photographed a few of our ornaments that I particularly like or that have special meaning. This one is from my parents' first Christmas as a married couple. They didn't have much money, so my mom made a bunch of these out of doilies to decorate their tree.

This truck has kind of a neat story. This is new to us (well, to William) this year. My mom bought this back in 2000 because she just really like it in hopes that one day she'd have a grandson to give it to. Well, this is the year. I thought it was cool that she's been hanging on to this for so long.

This race car is a gift from Jonathan's parents to Wiliam this year.

Last March I went to Las Vegas for a photography convention. I looked and looked for something to get for Jonathan. I didn't want to get him a t-shirt or something like that that he probably wouldn't wear very much, and then I came across this ornament. Since we've been married, whenever we travel together, I've collected dirt from the places we've been. I think this is really cool. We have dirt from the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, and the beaches of San Juan, Puerto Rico, etc. Jonathan thinks this is silly and has been trying to get me to collect somthing else like Christmas ornaments. So here is the ornament I bought for him.

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