Friday, January 25, 2008

Big Blue Eyes

My friend Mandi and her daughter Shelby came over for dinner tonight. Shelby is 3 months older than William. (I did her maternity and newborn pics a few months ago.) It's been a couple months since we've seen each other, and it was fun to see what Shelby's doing and to know that in a couple months William will be doing the same things. The last time we saw her was right after William was born and she dwarfed him! It was hard to believe he would be as big as her so quickly....but it happened! One thing about Shelby - she has some of the prettiest blue eyes I've ever seen. You can see them a bit in some of these photos.

Here is her newest face. Mandi says she isn't sure what she's doing, but it's funny!

Here she is practicing her paparazzi moves.

Here are a couple pics of Shelby and William on the bed. She's really reaching for things and he was really interested in her hand.

Mandi brought us a Bumbo to use for William. It allows him to sit up on his own, and has a tray, so we can put his toys right in front of him. The past couple weeks he has really been reaching for things, and when I put his rattle in front of him, he spent a few very determined minutes trying to pick it up. Pretty cool.

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Ana Medina said...

William is so big I can't wait to see him, I remembered him so small and know he's jumpin, turning on he's bak, kicking and doing that little talk thing they do(that by the way he looks so cute in) well hope ya are all good! Bye...