Thursday, February 07, 2008

Deep Thoughts By Emily Alexander (no, seriously)

Today is Ash Wednesday. For those of you who aren't Catholic, Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of a 40 day period of spiritual renewal, fasting, and abstaining leading up to Easter. Obviously this is the first year we've had a child for this. Tonight we went to receive ashes and the guy who was administering them gave them to William as well, and for the first time the significance of this day really struck me. "Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return." are the words that are spoken as the cross is marked on your forehead. Looking at William as just a baby, not even 4 months old yet, being marked by the ashes and having those words spoken to him, words that he doesn't understand, really made me think about the huge responsibility Jonathan and I have to his spiritual growth, because in the end, "to dust he shall return", and it's what's left that will count. Yeesh.

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kristinbednarz said...

You and Jonathan will be fine. You both have a center about you that comes from your faith. It is a HUGE responsibility but you are already following his way by putting HIM and your family first.

I can't wait to meet this little guy! I'm hoping I can see more of you in him in person, cuz right now? Totally looking like Jonathan. LOL Not that that is a bad thing, but come on! You birthed him! LOL