Friday, February 01, 2008

Roll Over, Roll Over!

William learned a new trick today. He rolled over for the first time. This morning I put him down on his tummy in the living room for Tummy Time and went to the bedroom to make the bed. I could hear him making protesting-ish noises and then all the sudden they quit. When I came back in, he was on his back! So I turned him back over, and it happened again! Basically, I don't think Tummy Time is going to happen anymore because for the rest of the day, as soon as I put him down, he was trying to flip himself over! I'm so proud of him!!!


Kevin Heller said...

that is way cool, but now you can't leave him on the bed -- we know a baby here (not Red, actually), who learned to roll over, and rolled herself right off the bed. she ended up being fine, but come on -- nobody wants their kid to fall off the bed!

Kevin Heller said...

and bubble shots are way cool!

Ali Sanders said...

Hey Emily! He is sooo cute! I love the site. You have a great talent. Hope you guys are doing well.