Friday, February 01, 2008


Thomas, Calah, and Sienna came over tonight for the Mavs game. I haven't gotten any pictures of the two of them together yet, so I grabbed my camera. Sienna wanted to hold her cousin, so he sat in her lap....for a bit. As you can see, he's almost as big as she is!! Amazing. Sienna is very affectionate and is always wanting to give William kisses and hugs, and he doesn't have a clue what's going on. Here are a few more shots of Sienna and our little MFFL (Mavs Fan For Life - jersey courtesy of the Dykman family).

Sienna tends to copy what William is doing, or what we are doing with William. I was taking his weekly picture on the black background, and Sienna wanted to come lay down with him....

William loves to blow rasberries and he is teething, so he almost constantly has drool all over his face. Sienna wanted to make sure his face was clean, and whenever he would have a little drool, she would grab the towel and wipe his face.

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