Sunday, October 26, 2008

Evangeline's Baptism

Yesterday was such a crazy day! I started off in the morning running a 5k, then straight to the funeral of Dr. Curtsinger, a longtime UD professor and a dear friend of my in-laws, to sing with the Collegium Cantorum, then out with the realtor to look at houses, then my niece's baptism, and a reception after that. It was a sort of strange day, filled with sadness and with joy. The funeral was beautiful, and just as I think funerals should be - the celebration of a person's life. It seemed fitting that we ended the day with a baptism, a celebration of the beginning of a person's life with Christ. Here are some photos from the baptism. Jonathan and I were asked to be godparents, so many of these were taken by my mother-in-law, who I think did quite a good job!

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