Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Pelletier Family

Yesterday I spent a couple hours photographing one of the best families you'll ever meet, the Pelletiers. We've known them since college and we've watched their family grow and grow since then. Of the five kids, Jimmy has been serving our country in Iraq for the majority of the past few years and Jennifer has been teaching on the East coast, so getting the whole family together at the same time doesn't happen all that often. However, it did happen yesterday, and between Chuck and Pat, their 5 kids, the 2 spouses, and 9 1/2 grandkids running around, it was quite the lively session.

Chuck and Pat with their kids. I just have to point out Charlie on the left. When my computer crashed and nearly gave me a heart attack a few months ago, he is the one who saved it.

This is probably one of my favorites from the day. Sometimes kids just don't want to take pictures!

JP and his growing family. JP was best man at our wedding and Jonathan was best man at his.

Randy and his boys.

Randy and Lisa who are expecting their 8th this coming spring.

Godfather and godson.

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Pat said...

Emily, you are the best!
The Pelletiers