Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Ryan & Heather (wedding for Kristin Bednarz) P1

Whew! I'm FINALLY getting the blog up that I was hoping to have finished Monday. Let's just say it's been an interesting week and weekend.

I 2nd shot this beautiful wedding for my friend Kristin Bednarz in Lubbock this past Saturday. She went with the girls and I spent the day with the guys. It is so funny to me how differently guys and girls spend the day leading up to a wedding. Ryan and all his guys started off the day at a shooting range, then bowled a couple games at South Plains Lanes before changing quickly and heading to the church. Here are some of my favorites from the first part of the day....

Yes, that is me. Somehow I ended up shooting a gun for the first time with these guys and Ryan took over as photographer for a minute. It was an AR 15 if I remember correctly. Wow. Talk about power!

Watching the guys bowl was pure comedy. They were really competitive and into the games.

GQ stylin'

Heather and her dad walking down the aisle. As you can see, she looked stunning.


kristinbednarz said...

FABULOUS! I wouldn't do a thing different about our weekend! And I'd gladly go through it again with you. :)

Way to go Emily!

emily alexander said...

Thanks Kristin! Despite all the craziness, I had a blast too.

The Hefferly Family said...

Hi Emily! I had no idea you were doing this wedding! (I know Ryan from elementary school) I LOVED your photos and hope all is well... just wanted to say hi! :) And William is growing up SO fast! God bless, Emily!